Runaway Bride, based on a true story ... mine (10+3 Videos)

Love, Euphoria, Shock, Rejection,
Sadness, Depression, Capitulation,
Captivity, Escape, Victory, Retreat
(I'm sure these 10 videos below will help someone!)
Videos 11,12,13 have since been added at the end of this Blog post
🔎 A rude awakening! Shock, Rejection = a very cruel plan! (Part-1)

🔎 Sadness, Depression, Capitulation - a broken spirit (Part-2)

🔎 Can one imagine a rejection plot crueler than this? (Part-3)
I had to shorten this video, to blunt it's ability to cause pain
as it was and still is that traumatic! It was a major betrayal.

🔎 Captivity and the Great Escape (Part-4)

🔎Victory - the Wedding (Part-5a) Below this is (Part5b) "Fantasy vs Reality"

🔎 Fantasy vs Reality (Part5b) - My Wedding Dreams vs  The Happier Reality

🔎 Euphoria - The Danger's over, our love's safe ...isn't it? (Part-6)

🔎 Retreat! Run away to love another day - our lives on the run (Part-7)

🔎 Reflecting ... If only we knew what we were up against? (Part-8)

🔎 Is Rejection/Punishment more effective than Love/Sacrifice? (Part-9)

🔎**NEW** Running away (Eloping) to Kauai at age 42 (Part-11)

🔎Click on the Video (above) to watch this very special story

Sadly, we were only able to live in Kauai for 6 months of each year, so we split our time between living on the Niagara escarpment close to Niagara falls and Kauai to conform to US immigration rules. That proved stressful, impractical. We ran away again to live close to danger, but further from harm, across the lake from our enemy, right under her nose!

🔎Running away to live in the Okanagan Valley of BC, Canada (Part-12)

For several years she had no idea where we disappeared to and of course the very last place she thought to look for us was "right under her nose"! She may have never found us there were it not for relatives on Vancouver island giving us away. We used them to unwittingly send misinformation to our old enemy, making good our escape to Panama.

🔎Finally we got it right, by escaping to live in faraway Panama (Part-13)

🔎CONCLUSION: It's all about Loyalty, Love & Faith even in the bleakest times (Part-10)