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Africa's Snow White unusual lovestory: 3 continents, 3 weddings, many adventures
Note: These old (2010) posts are updated with totally new content, titles + many intriguing Videos. [They're well hidden, not yet showcased, so if you've found these, you get to see them first! ~ Ian]
Introduction and Sneaking a peek at these videos

Summer Love, Intro and Love-letter (2 Videos)

The Prequel ... Fleeing France, in the late 1600's 

The Mermaid's story: How, when and where we met

And then they got married and lived happily ever after!
Well, that's where and how all Fairy Tales really end ...

The VIDEOS below fill in some of those gaps, with more to come:

Reminiscing 50y later (2022) + Anniversary (2 Videos)

Here's some VIDEOS (our life's on the run) I'll be working on while Jen creates new recipes

Why I commissioned this painting of Jennifer (age 2 and 35)

❤ Find the Video below these images (below) used for this portrait

BELOW are some of the interim steps needed to paint the portrait ABOVE

🔎 The Symbolism in this Portrait of Jennifer - her at age 2 & 35 (VIDEO)

[Click to see] More of the Paintings I commissioned for Africa's Snow White

Future Video #3 (Ian) Running away to the Niagara escarpment

Future Video #4 (Ian) Running away to Kauai Hawaii, Princeville

Future Video #5 (Ian) Running away to W. Montana, near Whitefish

Future Video #6 (Ian) Running away to live across the lake, right under her nose!

Future Video #7(Ian) Running away to South America, far, far away!