Africa's Snow White #1 How we met, a "little Mermaid's" story

[ a Mermaids tale of love rediscovered, 50y ago, in December 1971]

🔎How we met - or maybe, met again? (Video 4)

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❤ Romance Videos❤ (Based on a true story 52 years in the making, though some would say 350 years)

So many of us avoid using the "L" word in our youth, fearing that once we've declared our love for someone, if it's not eagerly reciprocated, that relationship is over! Knowing that, I devised a rather ingenious plan to test the depths of Jennifer's feelings for me first, and thus her likely response, before I declared my love for her. I suggested we "play act" a romantic drama in which she was lady Jennifer, a princess, and me Sir Ian, a knight of the realm from legendary King Arthur's round table, way back in history. Sir Ian was charged with her protection, but they fell in love; something they'd have to keep secret as their "illicit love" wouldn't be allowed to continue! In this romantic drama we could declare anything to each other whilst still retaining "plausible deniability", we were just acting, after all? As you'll read in the novels (V3) it quickly became very intense! Just 6 months later I had to declare my love for Jennifer in real life, in a meaningful way and in a hurry, or risk losing her forever. It's surreal how fantassy often precedes reality! 
Here's a short video teaser, made from photos of young Jennifer & me, to set the "proverbial stage"
 My eventual declaration of love was, quite literally, a "Hail-Mary" pass ... a love-letter dropped from a departing train, which I saw Jennifer catch, but never got a reply to.
It seemed I was too late to win her heart? The novels explain this in much more detail.
Play-acting: ("Prince Charming" V3, p178-184) and Real-life: "P.S. I Love you!" V4, p154-178) 
SPOILER ALERT: Here's the story of that desperate "all or nothing Hail-Mary Declaration of love": Read all about it in (PDF) Vol-4 "P.S. I Love You!" p154-178 (Where it's nicely presented in context)
[ Alternatively, you'll get some idea of what was going on from reading The love letter But the short excerpt from the novel (Link above) describes it best! ]
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REVIEW: Janet Hammerlund (Brown) "Africa's Snow White: Summer Love-Jealous Winter, is a tastefully told tale of pure young love that is thwarted at every turn by time, distance, and a diabolically self-centered real-life antagonist. The story (based on real people and incidents) is full of unexpected twists which continually piqued my curiosity and rapidly drew me into the next tender (or tense) story segment. I experienced conflicting emotions as I approached the final chapters of the book. One side of me couldn't wait to see how the story would end. The other part of me didn't want to finish the book...I was enjoying reading it too much. I appreciate the author's meticulously honed prose and his graphic descriptions of a distant land. This is a difficult story to tell, but Jonathan Eloff has written it with great sensitivity. I am purchasing three more copies of this book for relatives and friends. What better recommendation can I give? This is a most promising young author. I eagerly anticipate purchasing and reading the sequel to this engrossing novel."
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