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[ Evil drives all fairytales ... without it there's simply no story left to tell! ]
Here's only 1 example of the evil that's shaped our real-life fairytale, for 52 years already (VIDEO introduction, below)

7 Christmas (6 Summer, 1 Winter) Romances + 7 forced farewells play out in 7 of 8 Novels
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Africa's Snow White Book-1
[1] Africa, Christmas 1971, summer vacation ... a chance meeting?
Elizabeth (15) & Nicholas (16) bond instantly, and they fall in love.
🔎How They met, Mother's version (VIDEO Below)

But they're not aware of a 3 centuries old unrequited love story endured by
both of their direct French ancestors, or of any associated romantic history
leading up to this seemingly "chance" meeting. This young love story would
likely have ended too ... were it not for Elizabeth's bold, honest love-letter. 
🔎The Love Letter (Book-1, video below)
Africa's Snow White Book-2

🔎His Reply to her Love Letter (Book-2, video below)
[2] Miraculously they meet once again in the same place for Christmas 1972,
and their love story at least has a chance to continue - but  they're 16 & 17 now
and their lives are getting more complicated! Both have formed attachments to
others, so their Summer romance feels a lot more like an "illicit love affair"... not
quite as innocent as last year's sweet romance! Worse yet, her mother disapproves! 

Africa's Snow White Book-3
[3] Elizabeth's mother has grandiose plans for her daughter's future,
and they do not include Nicholas! She's introduced her daughter
to a rich school-chum of  England's Prince Andrew ... Charles,
well connected, rich and very English - quite unlike Nicholas.
The time has come to get rid of Elizabeth's childhood love!
So many of us avoid using the "L" word in our youth, fearing that once we've declared our love for someone, if it's not eagerly reciprocated, that relationship is over! Knowing that, I devised a rather ingenious plan to test the depths of Jennifer's feelings for me first, and thus her likely response, before I declared my love for her. I suggested we "play act" a romantic drama in which she was lady Jennifer, a princess, and me Sir Ian, a knight of the realm from legendary King Arthur's round table, way back in history. Sir Ian was charged with her protection, but they fell in love; something they'd have to keep secret as their "illicit love" wouldn't be allowed to continue! In this romantic drama we could declare anything to each other whilst still retaining "plausible deniability", we were just acting, after all? As you'll read in the novels (V3) it quickly became very intense! Just 6 months later I had to declare my love for Jennifer in real life, in a meaningful way and in a hurry, or risk losing her forever. It's surreal how fantassy often precedes reality! 
Here's a short video teaser, made from photos of young Jennifer & me, to set the "proverbial stage"
Africa's Snow White Book-4

[4] Realizing it's "now or never" - Nicholas
visits Elizabeth in her home town, to try
and rescue their love-story, but the odds
are heavily stacked against him! He's been
drafted into the war effort, so for 2 crucial
years whilst Lizzie is in grade-12 and her
freshman year at university, he's not going
to be anywhere close to her, but Charles is!
As his train departs for boot-camp, he shouts
out her name "Lizzie!" then drops a love letter
from the moving train's window. Running next to
the train, she catches it! Catching her breath, she watches
the train round a curve .... and Nicholas is gone from view.
Then she finds a bench, sits down and starts to read his letter. 

Africa's Snow White Book-5
[5] Elizabeth has no address for Nicholas
at the air force base he's stationed at ... so
he writes to give her his address, hoping for
a reply to his declaration of love. However
Lizzie's mother intercepts this + subsequent
letters, ensuring Elizabeth cannot reply! She
naturally thinks Nicholas forgot his promise
 to her, to never just "disappear" out of her life.
He thinks her not replying to any of his letters,
is her way of answering his declaration of love.
 Both of them struggle with the ensuing heartache from
their own unrequited love-story ... History is repeating!
Sad but resigned to her fate, Elizabeth now allows herself to
be guided into a much more serious romance with Charles.
An engagement looms, it's time for the "Queen's proposal"! 

Africa's Snow White Book-6

[6] Nicholas has all but given up, but then he
summons up the courage to at least try to make
contact with Lizzie once more, traveling to her
home town - but finds her gone. He's shocked to
find out from her mother that his worst fears are
well founded. Lizzie has moved on from him, on to
Charles! So he never even gets to see her in person,
or hear any explanation from her. There's no closure!
A year later, he decides to surprise Lizzie at Christmas
back again in the place they met. Then a chance meeting!
He runs up behind her, him still in his air force uniform, her in her
familiar pale blue bikini. The scene on the novel's cover is quite real.
 They joyfully embrace ... her mother's cruel plots & schemes unravel!
 Elizabeth & Nicholas are reunited and their bruised hearts can now start
to heal. They attend the same University (UCT) and soon they're engaged.
 But then nationwide violence erupts in South Africa, and Elizabeth's parents
 panic, take fright, seeking safe-haven in faraway Canada. Again her mother tries
to end their romance, only this time once and for all time ... with immense cruelty!    
🔎 Sadness, Depression, Capitulation - a broken spirit (Book-6)
Africa's Snow White Book-7

[7] Lizzy and her family are off to faraway Canada, and all now seems lost!
Then a daring rescue plan starts. Nicholas sells everything to travel to Canada.
So it was that their 7th Christmas Romance, Snowy, icy-cold and poignantly sad,
plays out in southern Ontario's snow belt. It will be their 7th, final, forced farewell!
Almost all of the traumatic events in this 7th novel play 
out over Christmas-time in 1978,
 partly in 
London, England, but mostly in the twin cities of Kitchener and Waterloo, Ontario,
Canada - 
as well as at the iconic Niagara falls, scene of  their heart-wrenching final farewell.  
🔎 Can one imagine a rejection plot crueler than this? (Book-7)
I had to shorten this video, to blunt it's ability to re-inflict pain
as it was (and it still is) that traumatic! It was a major betrayal.
Africa's Snow White Book-8

[8] Nicholas's recue plan was foiled in a diabolically cruel way, but
Lizzie is not about to let her mother's plans for her life and future to
prevail! Secretly she plans her escape from Canada, back to Africa!
Exactly 7 years, 7 months and 7 Days after their first teenage kiss,
during their first ever Christmas time together (24th of Dec 1971)
they share their wedding kiss ... There's never been an 8th farewell! 
🔎Captivity and a final, "all or nothing" escape attempt (Book-8)

An old engagement ring mysteriously links families of young sweethearts separated as they flee France
One Ring to Find them ... One Ring to Guide them ...
One Ring to Bring them ... and as SoulMates, Bind them!

We instinctively felt an unusually strong bond from 1st meeting in Africa, 21Dec'71 at 15&16. Many call that "being Soul mates" without thinking deeply about what that means. We finally understand this common phenomenon, though we needed to solve an intriguing 3 century old mystery first ... of how an heirloom "Silver"&Amethyst engagement ring given to a young girl in France (early 1700's) linked the lives of at least four people; two young sweethearts in grave danger in France, forced to flee for their lives; later, 2 teen sweethearts in 1970's Africa, for whom the ring (iconically) may become a wedding ring? It's an adventure, starting with young French soul-mates, born around 1687-1689 in France, who are forcibly separated; His family flee to Africa, Cape of good hope; hers to England. 150y later her direct descendants arrived in Africa! Their direct French descendants, meet in Africa, 3 centuries later. Finally 2 lost soul-mates reunite! The story shifts to N. America (1979) and finally to Panama (2006)
These novels are based (very closely) on two real-life love-stories

Elizabeth (right) is still the ring's guardian! The original old oil painting (left) belongs to Nicholas, kept in their master bedroom; both are constant reminders of the tenuous, but enduring nature of true-love, which though it's embodied in two persons, if unrequited, lives on long after them, patiently waiting, trying to find the happy ending that's long been eluding it - but then needing suitable surrogates to do so!
 The Prequel