Surprise Low-Carb Dream Date I'll Cherish Forever! (10 Videos)

[Easter almost 20 years ago: a Surprise Dream-Date I'll never, ever forget!]
COMMENT: For now, until you watch these 5 Videos, my lips are sealed - except to say that decades later I am still chauffeur-driven on dates in a classic embassy Mercedes limo flying a certain country's flag mounted on the front passenger-side fender, in a land "far far away".  Yes, I've been a brunette since my teens. I was golden blonde as a young girl, again later as an adult, but that's from using hair coloring products we all tend to use to hide gray. Somewhere along the line I acquired a set of emerald green contacts (my eyes are Hazel, light green plus some brown/gold flecks) then ditched them again. Otherwise, at 65 (2022) I've changed nothing about myself, no cosmetic surgery, just Low-Carbing!
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πŸ”ŽPart-1: The background to why this elaborate, expensive date was planned (VIDEO 32)

πŸ”ŽPart-2: All the Planning & Work (3 months) ahead of the surprise date (VIDEO 33)

πŸ”ŽPart-3: It's finally Showtime and I never could have imagined this date! (VIDEO 34)

πŸ”Ž Part-4: Our Son's lost in a foreign country "This mommy's day in hell!"
All of us have that "Day in Hell" that we'll never, ever forget ... this video (above) is the story of mine!

πŸ”Ž Part-5: "Reunited!" Our Son's lost in Oregon "My day in hell!"

All of us have that "Day in Hell" that we'll never, ever forget ... this video (above) is the story of mine!

πŸ”Ž Part-6: Our Son's lost in a foreign country "My day in hell Continued"

All of us have that "Day in Hell" that we'll never, ever forget ... this video (above) is the story of mine!

πŸ”Ž Part-7: An unexpected meeting! "Mother sees her long-lost daughter after decades"
All of us have a "Few Days" we'll never, ever forget ... these videos (above) are the story of mine!

πŸ”Ž Part-8: Reunited with my Adoptive mom "Not all biological moms are nice"

All of us have those "Few Days" that we'll never, ever forget ... these videos (above) are the story of mine!

πŸ”ŽPart-9: Across the lake of fire lived the queen! She still does, in 2022, at 91

πŸ”ŽPart-10: How I lost Chalet Rose, my last Canadian Dream-home
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Here is part of the review by the most senior South African ambassador in the world: A delightful read. It evoked in me memories of my own teenage years, growing up in Cape Town ... I look forward to reading Jonathan’s sequel to this book, as I am sure there will be one.” —Ambassador Leslie Manley, Ambassador from South Africa to PanamΓ‘, Ecuador, Bolivia, and PerΓΊ

Disclaimer: I really wanted to keep the connection between my Son's latest novel and my family as quiet as possible, as it is quite a scandalous shocker, but as you can see from VICKI's comments/review below, that's clearly not going to happen now. I am naturally proud of my son's awesome accomplishment in writing this novel, the sequel of which is being readied for publication as I write this blog post. Any other pride I may have had has long since been knocked out of me through what life has thrown my way - and anyone who has read this book knows that I'm not saying that lightly. Anyone reading this novel will quickly realize why I would have preferred to keep the link to me and my family a secret, but if not, by the time the sequel is done, there should really be little doubt as to why I would have preferred that to be the case - It's downright embarrassing having had a mother like Snow-White! So life has managed to keep this introvert quite humble, as anyone who has emailed or chatted with me will confirm, and in any case, in the end I think it's better to be that way - humble, that is. We are what we are because of our life's script for the most part, and because of what God has done for us - and what "that other guy" has thrown our way to complicate life. How (and if) we rise above those complications is really key to survival. I hope these books will inspire their readers to rise above their own circumstances and any cruel, undeserved and unwelcome challenges imposed on them and their families by others. Some may view these books as revenge ... no, just simple long-overdue justice for all the "queen's" victims - some of whom paid the ultimate price.

It's no secret anymore! My youngest son, Jonathan, has written a romance/mystery/thriller based on my family's story. It follows the real story 90% accurately - though Jonathan has taken liberties with conversations and minor details, but he does so very well. Here are excerpts below of what a couple of people wrote:

VICKY, in her review, blew my "rather delicate" cover, and as we cannot remove her review from, I've just had to "come clean". Here is VICKI's detective work: "I feel like a reporter for the national inquirer or something. When I ordered Jennifer Eloff's low-carb books back in January I noticed a new novel with an interesting title listed alongside them on as well. On a hunch I ordered the novel -- and what a find! Not only is it exactly the kind of romance novel I like to read, it is also a scandalous thriller with a plot worthy of any Agatha Christie murder-mystery. Except this novel is based on a true story. Given that Jennifer's surname is very unusual, I googled ELOFF and soon realized that it is very South African --- as, it turns out, is Jennifer originally. From reading her blogpost of October 28th it is quickly apparent THAT THE AUTHOR IS HER SON! This all starts to make sense as he would have had the necessary access to inside information in order to write this novel, and believe me - you cannot make up a story like this, it's way too unusual. That leaves a few more mysteries, but one in particular. If the author is her son, then who is she in the book? There are really only two good candidates -- Denise who is a striking blonde with green eyes, and Elizabeth who has brown hair and blue eyes. Looking at her photos in her website and on the backs of her books, the answer is almost certainly that JENNIFER ELOFF IS DENISE in this novel. Just as well since anyone having a mother like the unfortunate Elizabeth definitely would have a very heavy burden to bear throughout life. Based on this novel I would have to say that Elizabeth has deservedly earned her place in literary history as `Africa's Snow-white' -- and her mother is definitely as sinister as the queen in that old fairytale. This novel is appropriately named. But this means that somehow Denise and Elizabeth meet and become friends, as how else would Denise know so much about Elizabeth's life to be able to relate the story to her son? My suspicion is that Nicholas, their mutual love-interest, somehow is responsible for them meeting. I can't wait to read about that. Believe me when I tell you that this book is the kind of novel that is very rare now days and it is tough to put down once started. I really just cannot wait for the sequel. This young author is truly gifted. I MUST know how it all ends!!! If anyone else has any insights into Jennifer's life growing up in Africa, please share."

COMMENT: Vicky is mistaken; see if you can figure out who is who?

Janet Hammerlund (Brown) Review: "Africa's Snow White: Summer Love-Jealous Winter, is a tastefully told tale of pure young love that is thwarted at every turn by time, distance, and a diabolically self-centered real-life antagonist. The story (based on real people and incidents) is full of unexpected twists which continually piqued my curiosity and rapidly drew me into the next tender (or tense) story segment. I experienced conflicting emotions as I approached the final chapters of the book. One side of me couldn't wait to see how the story would end. The other part of me didn't want to finish the book...I was enjoying reading it too much. I appreciate the author's meticulously honed prose and his graphic descriptions of a distant land. This is a difficult story to tell, but Jonathan Eloff has written it with great sensitivity. I am purchasing three more copies of this book for relatives and friends. What better recommendation can I give? This is a most promising young author. I eagerly anticipate purchasing and reading the sequel to this engrossing novel."

COMMENT: Anyway, I needed to share that Jonathan has written this book so beautifully, even although he admits it was difficult for him and that it is not his preferred genre. It is a story that needs to be told, and in a way it is a real-life example of God's justice playing out - that my mother's grandson, whom she never knew, whom she disowned along with me many years ago, should be the one to tell the story. I hope many people will be helped by reading our story and seeing how it all turned out and why it turned out favorably for my family in the end. If anyone is dealing with a malignant narcissist in their family - this is a good present for that person, but it is also a very human story - an ultimately triumphant love story (forced to endure much pain and sorrow) unfolds within a far greater love story. The front cover of the book is a painting of me at 15 (little did I know what lay ahead in the next 40 years) and ... well, no point in divulging "his" identity as that's a crucial part of the story. So my lips are sealed except to say that decades later I am still chauffeur-driven on dates in a classic embassy Mercedes limo flying a certain country's flag mounted on the front RHS fender, in a land "far far away". (wink) Yes, I know - I was a brunette at that age, but I was golden blonde as a young girl and then again later as an adult and somewhere along the line I acquired a set of emerald green contacts and ditched them again - other than that, at 53, I have changed nothing about myself, no surgery ... just Low-Carbing.