Age is only a number
My Mind Says I am in my Twenties
When I grow up...
With my ailing memory...
Alaska Grizzly Bear Notice
Bipolar Bear
Click here for the Elf Thingys
Coffee Owls
Picking up a Baby Bear and Living Dangerously
Psalm 23
Timone and Pumba
Twas the Night Before Christmas
A Pig in a Desert
Admit it...bacon
Bacon and Candy Comparison
Bacon Roses
Bacon - Better than Prozac!
Bacon - Salt Laden Goodness
Bacon Takes Years off your Life
Bacon-Wrapped Turkey
Can't talk now...
Choices, Choices!
Converts vegetables to bacon
Do you want my leftover bacon?
Doctors are saying...
Everything is better with Bacon on it!
Have my people call your people
I am so hot...!
I would eat my own foot if...
I'd be a Vegetarian if...
If you can say beer can with a British Accent
If you really want to drive him crazy!
If you want it with bacon bits
May Your Friday be filled with...
Maybe next time you'll try sunscreen
My Dentist Says...
No more bacon?
Price of Bacon Today
Roses are Red
She ate 5 lbs of bacon
Should you eat that Bacon Flow Chart
Smell the Bacon
Social Media Explained
This could be a game changer!
This made me go eeew!
This meal would have been better without...?
This Turkey Bacon Thing
You Cannot Trust People who...
Dieting and Diets
A Low-Carb Diet is Bad for You!
Contributor to Weight Problems
Dear Diet...
Dear Diet
I am on a 30 Day Diet
I am on a Low-Carb Diet
I Can Stop Any Time
I Can't Have Carbohydrates on my Diet
I'm warning you Low-Carb is bad for your health
I want you to keep eating cheeseburgers
I Will Not Be Naughty!
I Wish I was as thin...
If Only Losing Weight...
International Start Your Diet Day
Just Water No Bread!
Metal Fillings
No Thanks I am on a Low-Carb Diet
Putting You on a Diet
She Dumped Me
Stinkin' Low-Carb Housing
Target Weight
The Atkins Diet - Don't Eat the Buns!
Weight Watchers Diet Pills
What a Mistaka to Maka
You are what you eat!
You Don't Eat Carbs? How Cute...
Ultimate Weight Loss System
Food and Drink
Another Reason to go Bunless
Apples have Carbs and Carbs are Evil
Baby Needs
Back Away From My Coffee
Bacon - Gateway for Vegetarians
Beer Will Change the World
Behind Every Successful Woman is...
Catching a Man with Beer
Chocolate Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels
Choose your own Lobster
Cookies Suspiciously Missing
Delete Cookies
Dissing Donuts
Don't Drink too much on a Low-Carb Diet
Don't Make Eye Contact with the Merchandise
Eat out of a different parking lot
For our Australian Low-Carb Friends
Full After One Plate
Give Cookie Monster Low-Carb Cookies
Honorable Intentions
I am confused.  What is leftover wine?
I Collect Exercise Videos
I don't always eat cookies
I need to start eating more healthy!
I will give up Chocolate! NOT!
If We're Not Meant to have Midnight Snacks
Jack Sprat could eat no fat
Low-Carb Banana
Low-Carb Beers - 25 healthiest LC Beers
Low-Carb Thanksgiving Breakfast of our Dreams
Make all of my friends cupcakes
Mary had a lotta Lamb
Most Important Meal of the Day
My Problem is when I hear that dirty word Exercise..
My Soul's Had Enough Chicken Soup
Once Upon a Time Before we Became Low-Carbers
Perfect Low-Carb Cookie
Poor Food Choices
Recipes that use Leftovers
Scream until Daddy Stops!
This is a Naughty Joke
Tim Tebow to the Rescue
Truth in Advertising
Um, Eve, That's Not a Salad, That's...
What is Leftover Wine?  I'm confused.
When Life Gives you Lemons..
Why can't I be comforted by carrots?
You found a Human Hair in your Sandwich?
Is that the Day Mommy came to work for us, Daddy?
What all moms learned the hard way
You know you're a mom when...
Always Give 100% at Work
Dad's Wise Advice
Do One Brave Thing Today
Don't Repeat Gossip
Each Pound Counts as One Wish
Early Facebook
End of World Prediction 
Engagement Ring
Favorite Supermarket Overhead Isle Sign
Fool Me Once...
Free Alaska Sea Cruise
I don't like four letter words
Instead of the John.... (hilarious)
Golfing Priorities
Hot Summer
How was Line Dancing Started?
I'm still hot
I Said the @@%%$$&& Word
I've always been disappointed when...
Low-Carb Math
Modern Message in a Bottle
Monday Morning Smile
My Dad tricked me with regard to the ice cream truck
No Internet or Today's Technology 20 Years Ago
Of Course it won't let you call your ex-boyfriend...
Parallel Universe
Replace One Word in a Movie Title with Bacon! LOL
Save me!
Shopping with your husband is like...
Social Media Explained
So Hot That Even at the North Pole...
Sometimes I feel I have the worst job in the world
Split Personality
Stressed is....
The First 5 days of the week...
There are 3 kinds of people in this world
Trying to Drum up the Will to Exercise
Twin Brother Prank
You Call this a Love Story!
Where is my cell phone?  Big panic!
Size and Weight
A Woman Without Curves
Do you have something in my size?
Don't Step on it!
I am Incognito
I do not want to BRAG or anything!
I Only Weigh 98 Pounds
Inside Me is a Thin Woman...
Invisible Man
My Swim Suit for the Day
Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels
Skinny Versions of Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Correct Way to Weigh
Time to Get Serious About Losing Weight
Whenever I weigh myself, I subtract...
Special Holidays
Christmas Tree Humor
Halloween Funny #1
Halloween Funny #2
Halloween Funny #3
Halloween Funny #4
Halloween Funny #5
Halloween Warning #1
Halloween Warning #2
Happy Valentine's Day 
North Pole Cold Shoulder
On Dasher, On Dancer...
Reason you didn't get that desired present for Christmas
Santa's Weight Loss Journey #1
Santa's Weight Loss Journey #2
Santa's Weight Loss Journey #3
Why you didn't get your Dream Present
Wrapping all my gifts with Bacon
Attraction to Sugar
Cut to the Chase
Easter Joke
RIP Easter Bunny