Canadian School Children AreToo Sedentary

One of the world's leading obesity researchers in Quebec, Jean-Pierre Després, is up in arms about the sedentary nature of the school lives of the children in Canada. In France in the year 1951, children spent a third of the time on physical education and usually received no homework. We know the French were doing something right, as their population was slender for many years, while America and other countries’ populations were growing bigger. At any rate Jean-Pierre suggests that there should be more physical education, some education about nutrition and more playtime. His recommendation comes as a result of the distressingly high number of obese and overweight children in schools. In addition, he said, “physical activity doesn't make children smarter, but it makes them less agitated, less stressed and in better condition for learning.”

A lower carbohydrate diet is famous for lowering triglycerides dramatically. On a low-carb diet my triglycerides are extremely low and my HDL (good cholesterol) is very high. Jean-Pierre went on to state that the BMI (Body Mass Index) is not the only predictor of heart disease. He wants physicians to measure waist size and triglycerides as a standard, clinical procedure, as these measurements are a better predictor of who is at risk for heart disease. Interesting to read about this and also alarming as the waist and tummy area is where we put on weight as we get older, because that is where insulin resistance causes weight to pack on first.

The cutest thing I’ve heard lately in the battle of the bulge is: “A nursery in Scotland has installed a tiny gym to help battle the growing problem of childhood obesity.”