Deep-Frying everthing from Oreos to Krispy Kremes

I could not believe this!!! People are loving this food, but hopefully they don't indulge in it too often. I feel sorry for the guy who is doing this for a living, if he is actually eating lots of his creations. How healthy can that be? The fact is combining high fat and refined carbohydrates to excess is a recipe for disaster in the human body, if it is a lifestyle. Most people indulge occasionally in unhealthy food, but every day would not be such a good thing for sure.

An extreme example of combining fat and refined carbohydrates on a daily basis is in this story that I know of where the father of two brothers owned a very successful ice cream shop, in which they sold high fat, sugar-filled ice creams. The dad got a bit older (early fifties) and sickly and passed on the business to the two brothers. Soon thereafter the dad died of a massive heart attack. Turns out the same had happened to his dad before him who owned the ice cream business. The brothers put two and two together and sold the family ice cream business!! The brothers then went on and lived to a ripe old age. Go figure!

Anyway, back to Chicken Charlie, the name he goes by: he loves to deep fry just about anything. He will deep fry a hot dog and zucchini after dipping in a wet pancake mixture. He has different pancake mixtures. He deep fries oreos, Krispy Kreme chicken sandwiches, sandwiches with honey and peanut butter, avocadoes and the list goes on. Normally people ask for toppings such as chocolate and icing sugar to add to the calorie feast. He is doing a roaring trade at over one and a half million dollars a year, selling 100 to 200 thousand deep fried twinkies and oreos respectively, and many other amazing concoctions.

We are a generation that loves excess in all sorts of ways, and food is no exception! Admittedly, this is a more extreme example.