Low-Carb Success Stories

Phill Novak

After losing 192 pounds, Phill Novak, 41, says he feels there's nothing he can't do.

He weighed almost 400 pounds and one day had a funny turn after smoking a cigarette. That was the last straw for him as he imagined saying good-bye to his beloved family. He decided to follow a low-carb diet, eating no more than 30 grams of carbohydrate a day. He also decided to walk for an hour a day each day. Within 7 months, Phill had lost 100 pounds and after two years, he had lost 192 lbs!!

Another success story: Margaret Wolf

My friend Margaret Wolf, who suffered from diabetes, was contemplating stomach bypass surgery as she was feeling very desperate to regain her health. Her husband was very worried that she might end up in a wheel chair because of the extra weight. She loved to swim but other forms of exercise were not possible at the time. After talking to me about it, she decided to give the Atkins Diet a whirl. 9 Months later doing induction levels of carbohydrate most of the time, she had lost 90 lbs and was declared a latent diabetic, meaning that she no longer needed any medication to control her diabetes!!

Another success story: Sherri White

Although Sherri was tiny (112 lbs) when she conceived her first child, she had the same tendency as her mother to grow bigger with age. After tipping the scales at 224 lbs, her doctor gave her a prescription - to buy an Atkins Book! She wanted to prove her doctor wrong or at the very least give it a truthful try. Her skepticism was quickly put to rest as she quickly dropped weight in the first 3 months to 188 lbs. Her doctor was thrilled and even more thrilled with her amazingly good blood profile, whereas before he had been really worried. Now she weighs 150 lbs and is not sure where she will wind up. At any rate her mother who weighed closer to 300 lbs decided to follow a low-carb diet as well. She lost the weight and Sherri was so proud of her mother and now feels they both will live much longer lives. She always worried about her mother's health, but realized that she was in the same danger at one point.

Another awesome success story: Jimmy Moore

Jimmy Moore lost 182 lbs on a low-carb diet in one year!! Visit his amazing blog:
http://livinlavidalocarb.blogspot.com/ to read his story and others.

Another success story: Jacob Wissler

Jacob weighed 262 pounds. Five months later on a low-carb diet (Atkins) he dropped his weight to 190 pounds. His waist decreased from 44 inches to 34 inches. Seven years later he is still maintaining a good weight. His advice is to leave the low-carb junk foods alone and to eat whole foods. He did add a couple of slices of high fiber low-carb bread to his diet regimen. Each slice contains 5 grams net carbs.