Artificial Sweeteners - Excellent article by Dr. Eades

Artificial Sweetener Article

This excellent, well-written article gives Splenda a heads up!! Our family has to be the world's biggest guinea pigs for testing out the safety of Splenda in humans. We have consumed Splenda in large quantities for 16 years. My sons grew up on Splenda. They grew tall and robust. None of us exhibit any problems other than typical aging woes (for my husband and I in our fifties), such as my husband has slightly elevated blood pressure (runs in the family and is adrenalin-based due to having a type A personality) and I have an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis (but so do many people who have never used Splenda), which I believe was triggered by extreme stress over a period of years when my mother tried to break up my marriage and literally broke my heart. Autoimmune disease is in my family tree.

Of course, this article suggests to use Splenda in moderation. I would agree with that. The chances of anyone consuming as much as I have in the last 16 years is slim to none, other than if that person starts downing Splenda pop at an alarming rate per day for the next 16 years. So, do I feel comfortable recommending Splenda. Yes, I feel comfortable recommending it. I also feel that it is not for everybody as some people are distinctly allergic to it and others simply cannot stand the taste. Sometimes I feel it is a case of, "Choose your poison!" because the alternative in using sugar again to me is unthinkable, as that is actually a known poison.

I do like to combine Splenda Granular and erythritol these days, especially in chocolate recipes for the extra sweetening power the synergy of these sweeteners provide. This sweetener was also mentioned in a positive light, except I had no idea 10% was absorbed. It is the only sugar alcohol I can tolerate, because the others cause intestinal discomfort too often for me to even be tempted anymore.

I do not like aspartame and I really worry about its safety. I try to avoid it. I don't know enough to say whether I am paranoid or not, only that from personal experience I get some rather nasty side effects from using it.

If you're a person who can avoid sweets for the most part and only enjoy fresh fruits in moderation and avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners altogether, then that is really the ideal. Baking with fruit juices, however, is simply like using sugar for the body, so I would not recommend that.

Overall a good article that I think was written by The Doctors Eades who wrote Protein Power and a number of related low-carb diet and health books.