Dreamfields Pasta for Low-Carbers

Many people do not yet know about low-carb Dreamfields Pasta, so I thought I’d make mention of it in my blog. On a cold, wintry night, a warm plate of pasta is always welcome, but for a while that was not really possible for low-carbers. Sure, there was pasta available but the taste and texture often left a lot to be desired. In addition, often the commercial low-carb pastas contained soy, an ingredient that folks with hypothyroidism should not be ingesting in any large quantity and hopefully not at all.

Normally a serving of regular Dreamfields pasta has 42 grams of carbohydrate, more than many low-carbers will eat in any given day. However, the company devised a unique way to prevent most of the carbohydrates from being absorbed by the body. Only 5 grams (4 grams soluble and 1 gram insoluble) of carbohydrate need be counted in a normal serving as indicated on the box. What’s more is they clinically test each batch of pasta to ensure the carbohydrate reading is correct. Wow! In layman’s terms, their special fiber blend of inulin, xanthum gum, and pectin together with proteins protects the body from digesting the total carbs. So, therefore, one is getting plenty of fiber. If one suffers from IBS though, it could present a problem at times, especially if combined with other high fiber foods on the same day. Consume with caution and skip other fiber-rich foods that day, if that is the case.

As a matter of interest, apparently the glycemic index for the pasta is 13.

Dreamfields makes Lasagna, Rotini, Spaghetti, Linguine, Elbows, and Penne Rigate. All of these have the same protected carbohydrates and low glycemic level. This pasta is available from Netrition.com and other places on the internet. We’ve always had amazing service from Netrition, so I highly recommend them. Walmart used to carry the pasta in the United States, but I’m not sure they do anymore.