Blurb about Splendid Low-Carbing for Life, Vol. 1

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In the beverage section is a very useful Meal Replacement Shake at about 250 calories that may be used occasionally in place of a meal, on the Fat Fast or to induce ketosis. More Splendid Low-Carbing has many fat fast recipes, including instructions on how to go about doing it.

In the Appetizers section are my Mexican Tortilla Roll-Ups that I’ve used frequently for finger foods at parties. The chicken strips with Mexi-cali dip are yummy. The Pecan Cheese ring with colorful low-carb fruit spread in the center and surrounded by low-carb crackers or vegetables is pretty as a picture. A nice starter to a meal would be the Shrimp starter elegantly served in champagne glasses.

Salads: The Bacon ‘n Avocado salad has an amazing dressing. This recipe was a gift from a dear friend of mine, who recently passed away over Christmas time. This salad, which I frequently make, always reminds me of Jeanne. What a dear lady and what a blessing she was to me and how I miss her! Jeanne also supplied me with a Squash Soup recipe that is super. I’ve used different squashes and they’re all nice in this soup. The Faux Baked Potato Soup is delicious as is the Garden Cream of tomato soup that uses fresh, ripe tomatoes, hopefully out of your very own garden!

Breakfast: Waffles (with wheat bran for fiber), Ultra low-carb pancakes with several variations. If one uses whole wheat pastry flour or oat flour in place of the 2 tbsp vanilla whey protein, these have almost exactly the same consistency and taste as the drop scones I remember from my youth. I make these often and they satisfy my craving for bread. I always seem to lose weight when I have them around. I’ve noticed that time and again. They satisfy due to the fat content, probably, plus the eggs also keep one from getting hungry. Crunchy Granola, Breakfast Pizza, Roast Beef Roll-ups, Oat Drop Biscuits, Faux Blueberry Oatmeal and a California Omelet round out this section.

Meat: Of note, is the Crock-Pot Beef Roast that I make quite often, as well as the Fruited Pork also done in the crock-pot. The Sirloin Steak in Butter Sauce is decadent, as well as the Greek-style Lamb and the spicy, tender Pork Vindaloo is different. Mozzarella Beef Roll is a nice meat loaf that is slightly fancier than usual – made with sharper cheese it could be nicer yet.

Poultry: Instructions to roast a chicken with tasty bread-sausage stuffing (no deprivation here!), 2 lovely chicken casseroles – Spicy Tomato Chicken and Baked Barbecue Chicken (both very easy). Chicken Alfredo in crepes , Oven Baked Chicken with a crispy, flavorful skin, Chicken Fajitas in a Cheese Taco Shell (if you haven’t made these before, you’re in for a treat – much tastier than the usual corn tacos) and Chunky Turkey Chili to take care of leftover roast turkey.

Fish and Shellfish: Several useful shrimp recipes, Impossible Tuna Pie, Tuna Stroganoff (comfort food), Baked Lobster Tails and a couple of salmon recipes, one of them impressive enough to serve to your guests.

Vegetables: Eggplant lasagna (almost as good as my famous Eggplant Parmigiana (recipe in this blog), a Spinach Quiche that will change your mind about Spinach (good enough for guests), Bacon Fried Mushrooms, Impossible Vegetable pie (another recipe from Jeanne) and several other good recipes for various low-carb veggies.

Miscellaneous Section: Of note here is my Healthy Butter. After you have made this with real butter and light tasting olive oil (has the consistency of spreadable margarine right out of the refrigerator), your family will be begging you to supply it on a regular basis. Many, many of my friends make this butter – so much healthier and cheaper than using pure butter – and it has exactly the taste of pure butter!! Don’t you dislike taking hard butter out of the refrigerator and trying to spread something with it? This recipe solves that problem. My Confectioner’s Sugar Substitute, Condensed Milk, Thickening Agent, Easy Berry Jams, Sweet Butters, Lemon Curd and Spreadable Cream Cheese, to name but a few of the recipes.

Breads, Bake Mixes & Baking: Several muffin recipes as well as sweet loaf recipes such as Brownie Loaf, Pumpkin Spice Loaf, Apple Spice Loaf and a super Cranberry Orange Loaf, my Ultimate Bake Mixes, as well as a nut-free alternative, some bread machine breads, and Dessert Crepes which you’ll want to make again and again.

Frozen Desserts, Popsicles, & Puddings: Raspberry Yogurt Ice Cream is a very thick, creamy protein ice cream that does not require eggs. Chocolate Cream Popsicles, Strawberry Raspberry Popsicles, a chocolate pudding, Easy Rhubarb Crumble, Raspberry Jelly, a pleasant Thanksgiving custard served with Crème Fraiche and my son, Daniel’s favorite frozen yogurt – Mandarin Orange Frozen Yogurt with 4 variations.

Pies, Cakes & Cheesecakes: A single pie crust (useful, tastes great) to roll out, Raspberry Custard Pie, Apple Pie Almondine and a Caramel pie that is irresistible as it tastes like caramel condensed milk poured into a pie shell (one slice is never enough, so be warned!). Mini Hot Chocolate Cakes – even just the memory of these bring rave reviews from my husband. A Hazelnut Chocolate Bundt Cake (no flour), Triple Chocolate Cupcakes – yummy! Mini Cheese Cupcakes (mini cheesecake muffins), Marble Frosted Chocolate Cheesecake and a B-52 Cheesecake (B-52 DaVinci Sugar Free Syrup is used, however, any flavor can substituted for an entirely differently flavored cheesecake).

Confections and Frostings: The Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy made my husband say, “This recipe alone is worth the price of the book!” High praise! (smile) Almond butter may be used instead. White Chocolate Protein Bars to carry in your purse is a handy recipe to have, or the Double Chocolate Protein Bars. Vanilla Whey Frosting and a lovely alternative chocolate version that I like to snack on. After refrigerating it becomes more toffee-like. There is a Hazelnut Chocolate Frosting that will remind you of Nutella, a very sugary, but tasty chocolate hazelnut spread. Then there is a deliciously rich Chocolate Fudge Frosting, Raspberry Chocolate Fudge, Caramel Pecan Fudge with variations and a couple more chocolate candy recipes (I am a real chocolate fan!).

Cookies and Squares: Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies (or use chopped, blanched hazelnuts or a mixture of nuts and raisins), Banana Almond Butter Cookies, a healthy candy-like no bake Chocolate Cookie, Almond Butter Cookies (my best almond cookie), Almond Roco Squares, Sour Cream Brownies, Sesame Snacking Squares (chewy squares packed with sesame seeds!), Almond Coconut Squares (takes care of fiber needs) and another high fiber square – Chocolate Snowflake Squares – which I often take with me on vacation.

That basically gives one an idea of what is in this book. Sometimes people are so confused and don’t know which book to buy. That’s when I say, if you can’t afford all of them, then a good plan is to buy Splendid Low-Carbing For Life, Volume One and Volume Two. You’re getting good value for money and the benefit of several years of low-carb cooking and baking experience, not to say that the other books don’t have great breakthroughs – they really do!

To purchase directly from us: Splendid Low-Carbing for Life, Volume 1 or order from