Being Skinny - is that always healthier than being overweight or even obese?

The answer to this strange question is: No! How many people do you know or have you known who were skinny and dropped dead of a heart attack at a young age or had angina attacks at a young age? How many people do you know who made it to a ripe old age and most of their lives were never considered "skinny". I know plenty! I know a lady who made 100 and another who is in her late nineties! I know somebody who is quite round in the tummy (and elderly) and as we all know that is the dreaded place to have the weight, as apparently the fat accumulates around internal organs. His recent check-up showed him to be as healthy as a young man. His doctor was totally confused, because when he sent his blood work off, he warned this man that he did not expect good results at all. He tut tutted about the man's weight and figure, etc. LOL I like stories like this!

I have to wonder whether the biggest determiner of these things is genes. Our genes determine so much of what is good and bad, I suppose. Life is simply not fair sometimes. Some people have a much greater challenge in life than others. I like to think that we need to live our lives as best we can, having being dealt whatever. I was dealt some "whatevers" in my own life and some good stuff too, but it was finding God that made the difference in my life and enabled me to do a better job of overcoming the whatevers. They didn't all go away, but I was able to cope and more than cope - get through and rise above it all. I won't go into it here, obviously, however, most people have challenges at some point in life. My wonderful mother-in-law has a great saying. She says, "It's a great life, unless you weaken!"

I'm going off on a tangent, I'm afraid, so before I confuse or bore anyone, here is the article that got me thinking along these lines this morning: Being Skinny is No Guarantee of a Healthy Heart