This exciting low-carb biscuit mix can be used similarly to Bisquick in many favorite recipes. Bisquick, a favorite Betty crocker product,is the trademark of General Mills.

This is a teaser post! I'm not actually going to provide the recipe. There has to be some incentive to buy my books, right? (This is found in my final low-carb cookbook). Biskmix is super low-carb at 1.8 g carbs per 1/4 cup. It can be used almost anywhere Bisquick is used in old favorite recipes. It will be problematic in most yeast applications. This bake mix is truly biscuit-like in properites. Impossible pies are possible, however, the resulting crust will be a little lighter in texture. My Fruit Cobbler, Italian Flat Bread, Apple Crumble Pie, Cheese Muffins and Red Lobster biscuits are incredible, to name but a few recipes!

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