Do Food Snobs Eat Better than Us Mere Mortals?

You know, I really have to wonder? Sure, I've eaten gourmet-style food at some restaurants (particularly on my only few days ever in Paris), and it was great; very tasty, no question! And yet, at other times I've stumbled across gourmet food sites (a few - some great ones though!) or cookbooks, where the food looked less than appetizing, but was touted as being gourmet. I have never been one for making anything other than what the whole family will enjoy. For instance, I could care less about caviar and oysters and sushi, steak tartare (as in photo), cilantro used in excess, cheeses I have never heard of,liver pate and the like. In fact, I would truly dislike it if I was asked to eat any of that! LOL I suppose that is just me.

I think this post has probably got a whole lot less to do with gourmet cooking (which can most often be awesome!) than it has to do with my dislike of an attitude. A few people might actually feel snobbish about their food choices (usually organic, of course - nothing wrong with that, except normal folks typically can't afford it) and their superior abilities in the kitchen over us mere mortals.

So, if you want easy, mostly affordable, down-home cooking and baking, that is what you get with me. I have never been a food snob and I doubt I ever will be. (wink)

Jennifer Eloff (