Recurring Childhood Ear Infections Possibly Implicated in Adulthood Obesity

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Ear Infections - Link to Obesity?

Okay, to me this is a very weird assumption, but what they're saying is the ear infections damage the nerve which is involved in taste. This nerve runs through from the tongue through the middle ear to the brain. Somehow they think that this changes taste preferences for high fat, sweet food, which is calorie dense and could lead to obesity.

Then they also said that children who have their tonsils removed could be overweight later on, because it was a common treatment for ear infections that kept recurring. I've had my tonsils removed, as has my husband, however, not for ear infections. Apparently, children who had their tonsils removed were more likely to be overweight. I was not overweight, but my husband was slightly for a brief period when he was a child. Let me think: Do I prefer sweet food and high fat food over salads? Probably. LOL Maybe a lot of people who have not had recurrent ear infections or their tonsils removed will also answer like me. I like a varied diet. I couldn't live off sweet, high fat food forever and a day without my salads and protein, etc. as well. I don't know, I think these are weird studies and probably there is something to it, but I don't think that they are foolproof conclusions.

These were all actual studies done and another study of children with ear infections showed that they are less likely to eat vegetables and to preferentially choose sweet foods.

They draw a distinct parallel between rising ear infections and rising obesity. Now there is a vaccine to protect against ear infections. So does this mean if everyone is inoculated as a child against this malady, that obesity will be a thing of the past? I don't know, I somehow doubt it...What do you think?