5 Super Foods To Help One Lose Weight?

In the news today, I read about these 5 foods that are supposed to help one achieve one's healthy body weight. Super Foods?

I read through the foods and made some comments for the benefit of us low-carbers.

1. Millet (this is a grain and is high carb) - Although a whole grain, it is hugely carby - even more so than white flour.

2. Asparagus - this is a good one for us.

3. Pomegranates - At 25 g of carbs - a bit too carby, unless we eat half at a time, but even then for some folks that will be too much. An ancient fruit, pomegranates were cultivated in Egypt before the time of Moses. They are about the size of a large apple and have a hard reddish rind. Inside are hundreds of scarlet seeds or pips encased in a white membrane. One needs to remove those as they are inedible and eating those could lead to an appendix attack.

4. Pine Nuts - pretty good at about 12 g net carbohydrate per cup. They are really edible seeds.

5. Green Tea - most people can enjoy this in moderation. People with hypothyroidism should avoid green tea due to the fluoride content.

Not in this article, but I read that drinking coffee and caffeine all day long can stimulate the appetite and cause emotional overeating. Caffeine is so addictive that it is not difficult to fall into this trap - especially if one is very busy and needing a constant pick-me-up to simply get through the day.