The Amazing Weight Loss Benefits of COCONUT OIL

I found this amazing web site talking about coconut oil and had to share it with readers of this blog:

I've known for several years now that many low-carbers have discovered that consuming some coconut oil (not too much obviously - calories!) each day definitely helps the majority of people lose weight more easily. What amused me no end as I went looking for something to write about coconut oil, I found this site and it totally supports low-carbing!! Surprise, Surprise! The man who runs the site is a Christian and shares his testimony, which I found to be a very interesting read - amazing story really - nothing short of at least three phenomenal miracles that were worked in his life.

There are recipes using coconut oil for those interested.

One woman's testimony is thus:

"Another benefit of coconut consumption is it helps me control my blood sugar levels. Have you ever eaten any carb intensive food and had a sugar crash? Try eating some coconut oil along with the carb and it may prevent the sugar crash or at least mitigate them. I try to keep my blood sugar level steady all day and so have a nice level energy all day, and not ups and downs all day long. I use to always be a little chubby. (wonder why?) Eating coconut does help control the chubbiness. So the direct health benefits that I have experienced from coconut oil consumption is: increased thyroid function and the blessings that brings; eliminate yeast infections; and, it also helps me control blood sugar levels. I am sure the increased thyroid function and controlling the blood sugar accounts for not being chubby anymore and the stuff tastes good in food." – Phyllis from the Coconut Diet Forums" (see link in my blog - right hand side).

There have been studies done that show that coconut oil in the diet is more effective than a low-fat diet in reducing stored fat! The site is choc full of amazing facts, so rather than waste your time here, go and check it out:

I will add a few of my own recipes using coconut oil in the next couple of posts. Stay tuned as they say! :-)

Jennifer Eloff