Blurb about Splendid Low-Carbing for Life, Vol. 2

The FINAL blurb ... my last book.

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What sets this book apart from the others is Biskmix, a fun biscuit mix (super low-carb at 1.8 g carbs per 1/4 cup) with several recipes, including Red Lobster-style Cheddar Biscuits (remember those?), Italian Flatbread, Cheese muffins, Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler (nicer crust than the original), Apple Crumble Pie, Coconut Custard Pie, Peaches and Cream Scones, Biskmix Mexican Pie, and Italian Chicken Pie to name a few.

The other thing that sets this book apart from the others is that it includes a Western Chinese Cooking section just for fun. Cauli-rice is what I normally use instead of regular rice. The way I make it stir-fried, the cauliflower becomes denatured and hardly recognizable (very tasty). Recipes such as Ginger Beef, Cantonese Roast Pork, Pineapple Sweet and Sour Chicken, Sesame Chicken in Lemon Sauce and several stir-fried veggie dishes as well as a couple of shrimp dishes.

In the beverage section is a homemade Cinnamon tea which is great as cinnamon is very healthy for one. A Pakistani study using people with diabetes as subjects who consumed 1, 3 or 6 g cinnamon daily had a significant drop in serum glucose, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and total cholesterol. Scientists believe cinnamon has a component that may enable it to serve as an insulin substitute in Type 2 Diabetes.

Appetizers: Mmm, Molten Cheese Potato Skins - these are super. We eat the peel and the non-low carbers get the rest! Tortilla Crisps, Guacamole, Jalapeno Cheese Squares add an array of appetizers to choose from.

Soups: The Hawaiian Shellfish Soup made with frozen shrimp and frozen scallops, thawed, is incredible with 1 oz fresh ginger and 1 to 2 jalapenos (seeded, otherwise it will be too spicy) and made with coconut milk, tomato sauce, paprika and ground macadamia nuts (optional), etc. A condensed cream of mushroom soup as well as a condensed cream of tomato soup that may be used in lieu of these commercially available soups in recipes.

Salads: Several picturesque salads and easy, quick beet pickles that are ready overnight. Strawberry “salad” made with jello to feed a crowd is really pretty and some might think it would be better for dessert with some whipped cream or my famous (in my house) Creme Fraiche.

Breakfast items include Eggs with a Mexican Flair (big casserole to feed a crowd), Pumpkin Waffles, Peaches and Cream Scones, Ultra Low-Carb Crepes, Cottage Cheese Mini Pancakes, Sweet Cottage Cheese Omelet, innovative Sausage-Apple Ring unmolded and center served filled with scrambled eggs. Jumbo Sour Cream Pancakes round out that section.

Meat: The best Microwave Meatballs ever - rival my best efforts - not my recipe (belongs to my sweet and incredibly talented mother-in-law, Kay Eloff), Beef Tacos, Swiss Steak, Mexican Crock-Pot Pork, Ham with Chutney Glaze, Indonesian Roast Pork with a rich gravy, Biskmix Mexican Pie and Herb lamb Roast.

Poultry: Remember those wraps we went crazy about for a while? Chicken and Bacon Veggie Wrap, Chicken Fajita in a Monterey Cheese Taco, Italian Chicken Pie, Chicken Guacamole Melt (turns ordinary chicken into an elegant supper), Chicken Mushroom Casserole (mild curry flavor - awesome and very quick to assemble with one roasted chicken), Fried Chicken (great way to use up any leftover bake mixes), Mexican Chicken Casserole (another delicious, easy casserole for supper) and a healthy Chicken Broccoli Casserole.

Vegetables: Some excellent vegetable dishes such as Cheese-Stuffed Zucchini (ricotta, eggs, Cheddar and seasonings), Cauli-nugget Casserole (this mimics an awesome potato casserole made with hash browns), Maple Pecan Squash, Special Broccoli 'n Cheese, Mexican-Style Green Beans, Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake and Cottage Faux Mashed Potatoes. The Faux Baked Potato - scoop out the pulp - filled with creamed Faux Mashed Potatoes and all the optional fixings of a normal baked potato (real, crispy bacon chopped, chives, sour cream, etc.) - incredible - better than the real thing (with a bit of the real thing - the baked skin) - 5.9 g carbs per Faux Baked Potato. Not half bad!

Miscellaneous: Raspberry Lemon Jam or Blueberry or Strawberry Jam and Saskatoon Mixed Berry Jam (blueberries can be used in place of Saskatoons which are like tiny wild blueberries). We used to have Saskatoon bushes growing all over the forest and on our property where we lived for 6 years in British Columbia, Canada, overlooking Lake Okanagan and the mountains. It was sad to leave. I have never again canned as much fruit as I did in the Okanagan Valley which is wine growing country as well as perfect for growing many fruits such as apricots, cherries and apples.

Let's see, there's a Pizza Sauce that is very useful and gives one’s pizza an authentic taste. I have a great pizza crust in this book and also a slightly different one on this blog that some might prefer – developed by an Italian expert baker. Easy Peach Butter, Sweet 'n Spicy Mustard Sauce is great with baked ham, or even with hard-boiled eggs. Creamy French Dressing (better than store bought in my family's opinion), Honey Mustard Dressing (has only 1 tsp honey or imitation honey), Molasses Substitute, Pumpkin Pie Spice (I like this), Ranch Dressing, Oven Peach Syrup and my Thickening Agent (more about this later, as I'm thinking of sharing the recipe in another post - super useful for thickening sauces at 0.4 g carbs per tsp). My friend, Linda Parsons, from Atlanta, Georgia thinks it is very good.

Breads, Bake Mixes & Baking: Corn Bread, Biskmix, Vital Ultimate Bake Mixes and Splendid Low-Carb Bake Mix, Red Lobster-style Biscuits (2 recipes), Italian Flatbread, Thin 'n Crispy Pizza Crust (a favorite around here - my son likes it better than the thick, white flour crusts), Cheddar Cheese Muffins, Dumplings (using Biskmix), Oat Tortillas (tasty - but my best one is probably still the one in Splendid Low-Carbing (not the high protein one, the other one), Gingerbread Muffins, Easy Biskmix Crackers (use the microwave oven - to take care of leftover Biskmix), Zucchini Raisin Bran Muffins and Lemon Cranberry Mini Loaves.

Frozen Desserts & Miscellaneous Desserts: Refreshing Cranberry Slushy only 25 calories, Strawberry Sherbet, 31 calories, Caramel Top Hats, Strawberry-Apple Almond Crisp, Lemon Curd Cream( for topping fresh strawberries, a cheesecake or to stir into plain yogurt) and the fabulous Strawberry Rhubarb or plain Strawberry Cobbler (incidentally any fruit may be substituted – sliced peaches would be great).

Pies, Cakes & Cheeseakes: All my pies have crusts and one of them has a double crust. Strawberry Pie, Single Piecrust, Apple-Peach Lattice Pie (double crust – still under 10 grams of carbs per serving), Cherry or Peach Cheese Pie, eyecatching Bumble Berry Tart, Biskmix Buttermilk Pie, Biskmix Apple Crumble Pie, Biskmix Coconut Custard Pie, Peach Coffee Cake, Pumpkin Cake Roll, Deluxe Carrot Cake, Kathy’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Chocolate Ecstasy Cheesecake, Pralines ‘n Caramel Cheesecake (these last two may be frozen and served as smooth, frozen treats after thawing 20 minutes), Black Bottom Peanut Butter Cheesecake, and Mocha Sour Cream Cheesecake.

Confections & Frostings: Not many cookbooks provide this section, but my sweet tooth compelled me to add such a section to each cookbook. Peanut Butter Cups (taste explosion – recipe and photo on blog), Melting Moments Chocolate, Butterscotch White Chocolate, Condensed Milk Chocolate Sauce (decadent!), Condensed Milk Chocolate Frosting, Caramel Sauce/Frosting, Any-Flavor Sauce, Confectioner’s Sugar Substitute, Dark Chocolate Almond Bark (semi-sweet), “Sugared” Almonds, “Sugared” Almond Chocolate (made with Dutch cocoa) and Crème Fraiche with a lower carb alternative.

Cookies & Squares: My best Chocolate Chip Cookies yet (featured on this blog), Ginger Hearts, Pecan Crescent Cookies (1.1 carb), Snowy Cinnamon Balls, Peanut Butter Chewies, Coconutty Lemon Squares (watch these disappear), Chocolate Macaroon Squares (very good), Chunky Chocolate Pecan Squares and finally another brownie recipe (can we ever have too many?) which I called Award-Winning Brownies because they were so dense and fudgey.

Jennifer Eloff
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