Life Without Donuts is a blog name that tells us so much about the man who owns the blog. This is a guy who loved carbs, preferably loaded with fat and smothered in sugar - as in Donuts! However, today he has undergone a metamorphosis. It's almost as if he is another person! Ron went low-carb and lives his life without donuts. Weigh to go, Ron (pun intended)!!

Known as The Former Donut Junkie, Ron is a happily married pre-senior (I'm assuming he means later middle-aged, similar to me in my early fifties) who has lived and worked in the hills of East Tennessee all his life. I got this info from his first blog (he doesn't share a whole lot about himself and his accomplishments on his blog, mainly because I think he doesn't want the focus on himself, but instead wants to be of help to those in the low-carb community who can benefit from his personal experience with low-carbing). I believe this means we can truly trust Ron, not only with his writing, but if ever we have the privilege of knowing him as a friend. Anyway, when I saw his photo on the first blog (which he didn't transfer to the new wordpress blog), I could have sworn I was looking at Tom Hanks, the movie star. Is that really you, Ron, or is that Hanks? (smile) Here is the first blog for those who are curious as can be at this point to see the photo: Photo

Ron is a plumber and we all know plumbers are very much needed. To my chagrin, I can't call my friend, Ron, to come and fix the leaky faucets in the kitchen of our new home as we live in another country.

Ron is also a pretty good poet in his spare time: Sugar's Sweet Kiss of Death. He is also a pretty funny guy who doesn't mind poking fun at himself: Honey I shrunk my Muffin Top. Cute! :-)

Ron is a regular participator at Jimmy Moore's Forum. I just went over there to have a look. He is a moderator on that board. He is a kind man, bright, understanding and willing to encourage others on to success in the weight loss arena.

Rons' blog contains lots of fun reading for low-carbers. He will share recipes, news, research and data, product reviews and success stories with a good dose of humor usually - so never boring! He talks about his youth and struggles with dieting, mostly low-fat and the horrible hunger he had to endure. Story is here:
Dieting....the Early Years. He terms the low-fat diets fad diets, because he says they only work short term and after that the return to former eating habits restores the weight lost and sometimes more. He says they fail because they are not sustainable. It is a depressing cycle that many people are familiar with - lose weight, put it back on and yet some - soul destroying, not to mention embarrassing. Some people have even given up trying to lose weight, because at the very least their weight doesn't keep going up and up, as in after another failed diet attempt.

One needs to make a lifestyle change, Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie, insists and I quote: "Low-carb is a journey and not a day hike! It is a lifestyle! It is not a diet! If it is to be successful!"