Vikki's Low-Carb Kitchen

Vikki's Low-Carb Kitchen

Vikki's selfless desire to reach out to friends and other people with her low-carb culinary expertise really made me think that I'd like to showcase her wonderful blog and point more people her way. She very kindly reviewed one of my cookbooks (gave it a nice positive review too, but then that's Vikki!)and even shared a recipe from the book. She often shares with photos how she actually goes about making her recipes. It's really a rather unique site in that respect. Vikki has great taste in music and when you go to her Low-Carb Kitchen, you'll listen to her music selections at the same time. I got to know Vikki when she found my blog and she started visiting and commenting regularly. She was the first person ever to leave hugs for me in a comment. I figured I already knew this sweet woman! How nice is that?

Vikki worked as a teacher for 20+ years and, therefore, teaching as she does on her blog comes naturally to her.

Vikki has her own share of challenges which she shares on another blog of hers. She has many friends and it is not difficult to see why. Here is her other blog: Welcome to My Low-Carb Kitchen.

Vikki is also a pro at losing weight. She knows how to do it and how to work a low-carb diet. I am so impressed with this ability of hers and her sheer determination. I think she mentioned that she lost something like 80 lbs. Weigh to go, Vikki {pun intended :-)}.

Vikki is a fantastic daughter to her mother (also helping her with her diabetes) and a godly woman as well. What is not to admire?