The Dangers of Soy for Men, Women and Infants

When I first started low-carbing in 1999, I thought soy flour was a good addition to my diet, especially since Dr. Atkins used it in his recipes in his book, "The New Diet Revolution". At first I could not stand the taste, but then found a soy flour that was relatively mild tasting and away I went experimenting. A few years prior to that my love of soy veggie hot dogs and veggie burgers was how I ingested soy. I thought I was eating something healthy. I had no idea the adverse effect that soy could have on the thyroid, but as I began developing Splendid Low-Carbing, I became increasingly aware of its dangers and Dana Carpender was one of the more vocal people about this problem in her popular Lowcarbezine that I also received and enjoyed. I quickly realized that many people were afraid of soy and for that reason I tried to give alternatives for soy flour in Splendid Low-Carbing and was successful doing that, barring one or two recipes.

Soy is particularly harmful for males: Weston A. Price Foundation

Here is a site: Soy Online Service that will tell more stories about soy than I can in this short space. I found the testimonies about soy affecting the thyroid interesting and depressing at the same time. I cannot help but wonder if my autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, was triggered by my consumption of soy products for a few years. Certainly, that period prior to my illness, I was going through tremendous stress with my birth family and perhaps that was a factor too. It is awful not knowing what caused it.  (Update:  My Hashimoto's, I believe, was caused by a mycoplasma infection - I am much better today and if anyone would like to know why - email me!)

It also saddens me to realize that for 4 to 6 months, respectively, my babies were fed soy formula. It is horrifying to me to realize that this could have been harmful to them. I don't notice anything today, but I do wonder if my eldest son's severe asthma as a child had anything to do with that. He was miraculously cured at the age of 9 years after prayer by a pastor of tremendous faith.

Still unconvinced about soy's negative effect on the thyroid? Mary Shomon, Thyroid Patient Advocate, who has written several books, has also written extensively on this subject: Effect of Soy on the Thyroid

To say that autoimmune thyroiditis is caused by too much soy consumption would probably be oversimplifying things. There are many people who get Hashimoto's Thyroiditis who have never consumed soy products. Hashimoto's has been around for years and years. I still think stress is the biggest factor in any disease process in the body, but it doesn't help to consume a food product that is known to compromise the thyroid, for instance.

Note: Apparently, fermented soy as in soy sauce is okay and I think tofu as well.