High C-Reactive Protein diagnosis nowadays sounds scary - how to reduce levels dramatically!

It is a strange diagnosis to receive, because one does not know exactly where to begin to reduce this "airy-fairy" inflammation that is supposed to be going on in the body. I've heard tell that intermittent fasting helps with that and there are a number things one should not be consuming (I have blogged about it here Inflammation in the Body).

Did you know that taking low doses of the antibiotic Doxycycline (20 mg daily) can dramatically lower CRP levels in a person? At such low doses, it has no adverse effect on the microbes in the intestine, but it would not hurt to eat plain yogurt or to take a probiotic such as Acidophilus or the like. Here is the study which is so heartening ('scuse the pun!): Low-dose Doxycycline lowers CRP levels It is unlikely that this will become widely recommended. Why? There is no money in it! It is a cheap solution.

Here is a more surprising article about how moderate drinking of alcohol can lower CRP levels. This is not something I personally would recommend for obvious reasons (alcohol is a poison for people who are alcoholics or could be for those who have that tendency). Please be responsible with this information: Moderate drinking lowers CRP levels

See the article below this one - a powerful anti-inflammatory agent is Turmeric spice.

Jimmy Moore recently published an incredibly detailed article on how the makers of a famous statin drug, Crestor, are now fixing to put healthy people on it to reduce CRP levels, cholesterol markers, etc. Jimmy explained that when he was put on a statin drug prior to his low-carbing days, he suffered excruciating muscle and joint pain. I personally know of someone who was literally crippled by it and another person who suffered the same symptoms as Jimmy, but thankfully, figured it out in time.