Nuva, Truvia and now Steviva

Where will it all end? There is now going to be huge competition in the low-carb/low-calorie sweetener department. There is no patent on the product, so anyone can produce it. Interesting! One really needs a granular or powdered bulk product instead of the packets for baking. Opening a gazillion packets for baking something is simply not practical for most bakers. Well, isn't that something? I just went to their site and they are ahead of the game. They do indeed have a Steviva blend that is great for baking!

What is the catch? It costs $16.95 for 1 lb and $14.95 on sale. It was half the price for the same amount of powdered erythritol. I don't know about you folks, but that is too much money for me to spend. I'd rather combine Splenda Granular (or even a nice-tasting Stevia, although I'm used to Splenda) and powdered erythritol in my own kitchen than spend that kind of money. Yikes and double yikes! It's too bad. They are on the right track but have sadly priced themselves out of my budget! Otherwise, I may have been interested.