Sad News

Powdered Erythritol which I used to order from Netrition is no longer available as the manufacturer has discontinued the product. Granular Erythritol (not my first choice) can be powdered in a powerful blender, food processor, coffee grinder or something called a magic bullet. It is also a good idea to dissolve it in liquid first, as the crystals can be a problem in baking when they don't all dissolve.

It is sad news indeed. Too bad more people didn't know about this great product: Powdered Erythritol. The same story at Carbsmart. I am hoping this is only a temporary situation. There are other manufacturers of the product and I'm hoping Tom at will think to order from one of them soon. It is so convenient to order from Netrition. They are reliable and speedy.

UPDATE: Thanks to Gharkness, we now have this good news: "Netrition has already replaced their original brand of powdered erythritol and I have already received my first order. It's as good as - or better - than the original brand (not as "rocky"). Did you not get their update? This has been more than a week ago."

Here is the product I found upon searching Netrition - it comes in the granular and powdered form: Sensato Erythritol