Regaining after having lost weight and feeling great

This story is all too common and probably more common than not. It is heartbreaking to say the very least. Some people simply have a much much more difficult time with weight problems. I have the cheek to bemoan the few pounds I have not been able to shed easily - truth be known I could starve it off, I guess, but I'm not into that. The point I'm trying to make is the challenge to lose weight and keep it off for someone who has a battle on their hands with lots more weight is astronomically more difficult. One is fighting genes and set points and the fact that once the fat cells have been laid down, they want to be full again and who knows what else - simply life and how difficult it is at times emotionally. Add into that pregnancies, parties galore at the end of the year and you name it - all kinds of things happen to derail the best of us. Think also of the times one cuts down on calories and the thyroid resets its thermostat to foil our efforts and some of us actually have an autoimmune thyroid disease to begin with.

There is one person who comes to mind who is famous and struggles too. Her name is Oprah Winfrey. Dr. Eades did a great post and had over a hundred comments. Yikes! Anyway, it is fun to read all the comments over there to that post. Everyone agrees that Oprah would lose the weight and keep it off if she did low-carbing and stayed on the WOL. It was more interesting to me to read the comments than the article itself and that is often the case on some blog posts. Here it is if anyone is interested: Oprah's Plight. I actually sent in the link to Oprah Winfrey!