Call for further lowering Cholesterol due to New Study Findings

Dr. Briffa has a recent article where he highlights a new study that is making scientists think that cholesterol levels should be driven lower than ever before. Dr. Briffa makes the statement that too low cholesterol can lead to cancer and even death. Yikes!

This is his article: Dr. Briffa's Cholesterol Article

Here was my comment below his article: "I think they are out to lunch in my humble opinion. Certainly, they are with regard to statins. I won’t take anything with such a bad track record.

(Let's try simple logic.) We know inflammation leads to heart disease. We know dentists have discovered that taking a tiny amount of doxycycline (no adverse gut problems reported but take yogurt or a probiotic to be on the safe side) daily reduces inflammation of gums, and they have since discovered after 6 months general inflammation markers (CRP levels) dropped by more than a half. I have the study somewhere if anyone is interested - I’m too lazy to go find it now.

Inflammation leads to heart disease we’re told and a host of other diseases. I’m a lay person but my logic says: “Cut the inflammation and perhaps the body won’t have to try so hard to repair the arteries by laying down fatty deposits” I think we’re maybe blaming cholesterol, when, in fact, the real culprit is being overlooked."

I did go look up the study again re reducing inflammation (found the link on my blog): Reducing Inflammation - such a no brainer way to do it

So, why on earth is nobody picking up on this study with regard to doxycycline? There is practically NO money in it - that's why!!

I think this is HUGE news, but very few people will probably find this path.