Lack of Sunshine, Winter Weather and Comfort Food Cravings

The lack of sunshine, cold weather and lower serotonin levels lead people to crave more comfort foods. Dreamfields Macaroni anyone? Seriously, I think it is true that one tends to eat more comfort foods during colder weather - I think it helps us to put on a little insulation to keep us warmer in the long, winter months. It is almost instinctive to put on a few extra pounds in the winter, besides the fact that we go through a couple of months of heavy celebrating around Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Here was an interesting article along those lines: Globe and Mail Of course, low-fat is still the advice, but if we're low-carbing, it is not as much of an issue, although lower fat alternatives may be used if calories are a concern - lower fat alternatives such as light cream cheese (better than nonfat for sure) or light sour cream, etc. One has to be careful because often lower fat means higher carb, but one can weigh the pros and cons. Of course, the higher carb one eats the greater the cravings, so stick to low-carb alternatives for the comfort foods. It is a no brainer with a few good low-carb cookbooks in your arsenal against temptation.