Afraid of the Scale? Does the number ruin your day too often?

It seems to be a catch-22. You're in trouble if you do and you're in trouble if you don't! Sometimes by side-stepping the scale for weeks or months, the next time we jump on that thing, a shriek will be heard as we face the music for the first time. It is so easy to kid oneself that one is doing alright.

So what to do if the scale number is upsetting your days too often? Even a temporary water weight gain of 2 lbs can send a person into depression for a day. It's not fair!

Reading the principles of "You on a Diet" last night made me realize that they have a point. (By the way this is an interesting site with every diet known to man, it seems, reviewed here) They don't use a scale (I'm not saying throw yours away - it has its place), but they go by waist measurement. They suggest a measuring tape. I think if you have a belt (even a skirt or favorite pair of tight pants) and try it on each morning, you'd also get a good idea, without having to see the "measurement". LOL The belt is for the really faint of heart. Seriously, this could be a little easier on the emotions.

Stick to your low-carb diet, and try to do 30 to 40 grams of carbs a day while dieting and add 30 minutes of walking a day, or at the very least exercise 3x a week (as the "you on a Diet" authors suggest) such as weight lifting, and use their idea for waist/weight measurement instead of scale weighing. That really does not sound too stressful, does it?

Then when you know you have lost weight, either through measurement with a measuring tape or your belt being able to be pulled in further - then, and only then, get on the scale - but only if you want to!

I hope this idea will help some people out there who are traumatized over and over again by their scale weights (remember those weights don't tell the whole story anyway. A friend who is the same height and weighs 20 lbs less may have smaller bone structure (even osteoporosis), smaller breasts, shorter arms, more fat, less muscle, etc. that could account for at least 10 of those pounds or more). It is best to compete only with yourself - everyone is different! Nevertheless, the scale can be so cruel when we're just starting out on our weight loss journey. Ease into it, eat right, exercise to keep metabolism humming and leave the scale for much later on, but still be accountable through measuring.

Happy low-carbing! :-) Love to hear your comments!