Review of The Bionic Broad's™ Low-Carb Blog

The Bionic Broad's™ Low-Carb Blog

Pat says: “I have one foot in two very controversial communities - someone who has the Lap-Band, and someone who lives a low-carb lifestyle. Between the two, I've gone from 245 honking pounds to a more-svelte 175. To someone the size of a twig, I'm sure that this sounds immense, but for me, it's practically Paris Hilton. Not that I look like Paris, of course...I'm much cuter.”

That last line made me laugh!

Pat is someone most people can relate to. She is a wife, mother, hard-working teacher, low-carber and blogger. I believe she is an English teacher. Anyway, that is apparent from her blog posts. They are very well written and her sense of humor makes the reading easy and lots of fun! She brings to our attention fun reading and serious reading (studies with food for thought). She has lost 60 lbs and as such is an inspiration for thousands of people. One of her blog posts that I really enjoyed was one where her stick-thin doctor with his low-fat dietary views was probably shocked out of his skull by her excellent blood work: nanny-nanny-boo-boo

Pat doesn’t take herself too seriously, and as such I find that trait so refreshing and honest. Sometimes I’m like that in real life…but I’m more stiff and starchy on my blog. Here is an example of Pat letting her hair down with her writings before Christmas – could be she is exaggerating just a tad – the art of exaggeration to embellish a story. She did make the story of not fitting into her jeans a lot funnier though!:

“I know full well that, except for the turkey, there won't be a speck of food for me to eat on Thursday, unless I bring my own. And if I do that, it will hurt some feelings. How deeply do I believe in the low-carb lifestyle?

If I crack open the carbage door even a fraction of an inch, I'll still be face down in the trough come March. I can remember, many moons ago, gaining almost thirty pounds in ten days during Christmas. I literally couldn't wear home the clothes I came in. It was when Levi's brass-button jeans were popular, and my trying to get those pants fastened turned those buttons into deadly projectiles. My grandmother had dents in her ceiling for years, and she never knew where they came from.”

One thing I take away from her blog is that she is an avid low-carber and even if she falls off the wagon, she gets right back on, because she knows what is good for her. Not only that, she encourages everyone else as well. Even if she is not losing weight and is in a stall, she is still gung-ho.

She says:

“The bottom line: High fat, medium protein, low carb.

Do you want to lower your triglycerides? Leave the fructose and other carbs alone.

Do you want to lower your "bad" cholesterol and raise your "good?" Eat lots of saturated fat, and cut the carbs.

Do you want to lose weight? Cut the carbs.

Do you want to starve cancer cells while lowering your risk of cancers developing? Cut the carbs.

She is adamant that this is not just her making up stuff, but that she has science on her side and plenty of it!

For instance, she does the reading – as she says in a much older post: "I'm currently trying to get through Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes, but with working eleven-hour days, I don't have as much discretionary time as I used to. What stands out the most so far is that the research that shows the benefits of a low-fat diet is so flawed as to be useless. Mr. Taubes uses President Eisenhower, who fought his cholesterol levels all his life, and who suffered multiple heart attacks, as a prime example of someone who was at the mercy of such poorly done research. The lower in fat his diet, the higher his cholesterol numbers. Eventually, the man was practically eating nothing, and still died of heart disease after a miserable life, health-wise. A high-fat, medium-protein, and low-carb diet would've given him a much better quality of life, and a longer one, to boot. Long live lard!

The Bionic Broad out."

Remember to visit Pat’s site – you’ll enjoy her honest, down-to-earth, humorous writing.