Ultra tasty too! Lovely with Crème Fraiche, page 99, Splendid Low-Carbing for Life, Vol. 2 and Saskatoon Mixed Berry Jam, page 57.  This is an older recipe of mine, that is also very nice.  Here is the newer one I make these days, if you prefer: click here.

3 oz cream cheese, softened (90 g)
3 eggs
2 tbsp vanilla or chocolate whey protein (25 mL)
1 tbsp vital wheat gluten (15 mL) For gluten free: use oat flour
1 tbsp ground almonds (15 mL)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract (1 mL)
1 tsp olive oil (5 mL)

In cereal bowl with saucer for lid, microwave cream cheese 45 seconds. In medium bowl, using a wire whisk, whisk cream cheese and eggs until as smooth as possible. Add vanilla whey protein, vital wheat gluten, ground almonds and vanilla extract. Whisk vigorously until as smooth as possible. Do not worry about tiny lumps of cream cheese. These will disappear upon cooking. (Use a food processor or blender for better mixing)

In 5-inch (13 cm) nonstick frying pan (diameter of base), brushed with a tiny amount of olive oil, pour 2 tbsp (25 mL) of crepe batter. Tilt pan to coat with batter, using spoon to help spread it. Cook over medium heat. Flip crepe when edges are beginning to turn brown. Cook briefly on other side. Repeat.

Helpful Hints: The crepes in the photo: I spread them with flavored Cream Cheese Spread (recipe from one of my books) and topped with Strawberry Sauce (See Blue Ribbon Cheesecake recipe).

Yield: 9, 5” (13 cm) crepes
1 crepe
73.4 calories
4.7 g protein
5.6 g fat
0.8 g carbs