Low-Carbing Brings Out the Food Chemist in People

Many people agree that men sometimes make the best chefs. I became aware of Kevin (Kevinpa) at lowcarbfriends.com who is a retired systems designer (coincidentally the same as my husband (Ian retired at the age of 43)) and who has created many incredible low-carb recipes, and people are thrilled with them, to say the very least. He is very unassuming and was not wanting any acclaim or praise, but I wanted to tell people about his recipes. He is a true food chemist in that he uses state of the art low-carb ingredients (most of which are available at netrition.com) to make a superb Cake and Cookie Mix (there will be 3 variations soon). I made his Biscuits and they were indeed delicious! My sons and husband enjoyed them as well and pronounced them, "Good!". It was fun working with Kevin's bake mix for a change. I do appreciate his hard work and talent. I always say that people need variety - not just one author or one cookbook - but a whole variety, because together we are so much stronger and more interesting than standing alone.

Find this talented chef's recipes here and here: