Ranaesheart Weight Loss Blog - A Review

Ranaesheart Weight Loss Blog

Ranae is a soft-spoken, gentle person who feels deeply and has much compassion. She loves to inspire others to reach their weight loss goals. She knows firsthand the pain of being very overweight, losing weight and putting it back on and yet some, and feeling helpless to remedy the situation. She figured after a while that it would be better to stay at a steady weight than to keep dieting and going up in weight each time.

Ranae’s life and outlook and began to change radically when a dear friend encouraged her to: “Believe first – even when it is not rational and good things will happen.” Ranae took hope from this man’s kind words, for his full acceptance of her as a person, and his belief in her and that a changed attitude could bring about success in weight loss, which could be maintained. At 51 years of age and 330 lbs, Ranae was almost ready to give up on life, when her friend gave her those kind words to ponder. Ranae found the strength within to grab a hold of his words and to really start to believe that she could do it this time. Ranae’s method of weight loss was to count calories. She found foods to satisfy her hunger and keep the calories in check. Later, she introduced Herba Life products to supplement her diet.

To cut a long story short, Ranae lost 150 lbs and although maintenance is more of a struggle, she continues the battle daily, and at the same time provides inspiration for others who have and are faced with similar weight battles and battles of the mind.

Here is an example of the inspiration she provides on her blog. She says that great dreamers learn success from their failures:

“Looking to history, there have been great dreamers; people who faced the seemingly impossible and yet overcame it because they allowed themselves to dream big and refused to limit their possibilities and expectations. One such person was Martin Luther King. He believed all men to be created equal, that the sons of former slaves and former slave owners would sit down together, that injustice and oppression would be transformed to freedom and justice and that people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

During the time he was alive, those dreams seemed impossible to most. This man dreamed; he believed! And now, during the lifetime of his children, there is no longer segregation and the first African-American president was just elected by his character.

This mindset is one that we can all learn from; it is one I am adopting. It is a belief in ones self that we can and will achieve our goals. We must dream it and believe it and then steadfastly take action to bring that dream to reality.

Will we fail? Sure, from time to time. Did Martin Luther King experience failures? You bet; but he did not give up or stop his quest. Neither must we.”

If you are looking for inspiration and help with sticking to your program (whatever that may be), Ranae is just the person to inspire you each new day. Do remember to visit and comment on her site to encourage her in her wonderful work. You will love her to bits! I know that if she had lived near me, we would have been good friends. I am grateful at any rate to have crossed paths with this lovely lady.

Ranae says persistence is key and exercise is key. Here is another example of her inspirational writing:

“Do you want to succeed?

Do you want to be healthy?

Do you want to see the numbers on the scale decline?

Are you committed to doing what it takes?

If you answer 'YES' to these questions, then try thinking of EXERCISE in a new and positive light.

Ex = Exciting
E = Energizing you for the day
R = Revitalizing your body, mind and spirit
C = Caring for yourself and your health
I = Invigorating
S = Stimulating and Stress Relieving
E = Excellent calorie burning furnace!

Try these simple changes and begin to MOVE! Each time you implement one of these, you also need to give yourself "Kuddos!!!" and a huge "pat on the back" for making the behavior changes that will lead to your success!!!” She then gives several practical examples of exercise.

Bless your heart, Ranae - you are such an inspiration, and it is a pleasure to visit your blog, as you are so positive and so uplifting and at the same time so human, just like the rest of us!