Low-Carb for People with Diabetes is Gaining Momentum

Wow - what a load of Carbage!!

I was so surprised to find this article at U.S. News recently published this March. They totally recommend folks with diabetes follow a lower carb diet and this is straight from the ADA!! Wow, things are beginning to change and it is about time, right?

Here is a quote from the article:

"The more carbs a person eats, the higher his or her blood glucose level goes—and the higher the blood glucose, the more insulin the body needs to process the sugar. Research shows that counting carbohydrates helps keep glucose levels in check. A study published in February in Diabetes Care , for example, found that counting carbs and monitoring blood sugar were associated with lower A1C levels (a measure of average blood glucose level during the previous three months) in kids with type 1 diabetes. While there are no numbers to show how many diabetes patients use carb counting, experts say it's likely that the tool is underutilized because of a lack of education for diabetics about how to properly manage their diets."