Low-carbing on a Budget

These days low-carbing is an expensive proposition for folks, unless one has some practical workarounds. Being lazy and a bit clueless myself, I went to lowcarbfriends' forum and searched for some threads on the topic of low-carbing on a budget. It's amazing the ideas one can get from these clever people! If you're interested, perhaps read through the threads and jot down in a note book the ideas that make sense to you personally, and then try implementing them. Hopefully, your food budget will decrease and low-carbing will still be an option. When times are bad, people often resort to buying carbs, because they are cheap; long, white French loaves, rice, pasta, potatoes (oh, not this one so much lately. Anyone noticed potatoes going up in price? They sure have over here.), etc.

Here is one from lowcarbfriends and another thread and $20 a week food budget and here is the biggest thread ever!