Does One Bite of Something Off Plan have to Mean the "Kiss of Death" to your Low-Carb lifestyle?

Seriously, who has not been tempted and who has not succumbed from time to time? Quite honestly, I've been tempted and succumbed many times. It is true though that sometimes it could mean that we throw in the towel for a lot longer than the one indulgence. It is a choice though to do that. It always is. I have had times when one bite leads to enjoying the forbidden food and then the next day I'm back on track. I've also had times when I made a decision to go high-carb again for a lot longer, and always-always I regretted it. My weight would eventually go up and my blood work would not look as good, plus my energy levels would fluctuate wildly.

Does one bite of something off plan have to mean the "kiss of death" to our low-carb way of eating? No, but it is a risk and as long as one knows the risk and has made the firm mental commitment to get back on track the very next meal or the very next day or as soon as is practical (maybe it's a vacation and we're hanging loosely in the saddle of life, so to speak), then one is more likely to hop on the wagon again without too much damage being done psychologically, emotionally and physically. It does not make one a bad person, a failure or whatever to indulge occasionally, but many, many people take one slip-up to mean that and they throw in the towel for a very long time, until all their weight is regained and sometimes more. It's sort of crazy to think about, but it happens.

I think it would be better to abstain, but if one does indulge, to go into it with one's eyes open and mentally very aware of the pitfalls. Soon thereafter is the time to remind oneself of the many benefits of low-carbing and the many negatives of the old lifestyle. Remind yourself of how great your skin looks or how much firmer and less pudgy you look (even if your weight is higher than you would like), etc. and get back on track quickly. :-)