Low-Carbing and the Rest of the Family

It is the rare family that all eat low-carb. I'm a low-carb fanatic (for 10 years now), low-carb cookbook author of 5 low-carb books and my family don't all eat low-carb. My husband takes long vacations from low-carbing (he is addicted to carbs and when he goes off low-carbing, it is a slippery slope that continues in that direction for a long time. Of course, he always regrets it, as he winds up overweight.). My sons have never been low-carbers. Although they are grown, they are still with us, working on entrepreneurial pursuits to get their futures secured.

How do I cope with the meals then? Sure, I make different meals for them too, but because time is a factor in my life, I prefer to make something everyone can enjoy. When I wrote my cookbooks, that is what I kept in mind and that is how the recipes were created - with a family in mind! My family has even eaten my low-carb breads and pizzas without complaining, and sometimes I get high praise! Cool. Often I will make the main course and add a vegetable or two, plus a starch for the non low-carbers. Then everyone is happy! :-)

Besides that, my recipes are simple, use everyday ingredients for the most part, except for a few specialty items for baking. I kept it simple-simple once again, because time is a factor for many people, not just myself. I only used one sweetener - Splenda Granular - however, sweeteners of choice can easily be substituted in my recipes, as Splenda affords very little in the way of texture.

So there you go - my thoughts on paper (oopsies, I mean computer screen!) this fine morning. Have a happy low-carbing day my friends reading this! Be healthy, be happy and know that you're doing a good thing for your body, your health, your emotional state and thus for your family.