A Happy Update

This is also a photo of a younger Happy

We've come through 2 weeks of worry and stress, but Happy bore the worst of it with a severe UTI infection and constant nausea and frequent vomiting. Many days he was unable to eat and was heavily sedated most of the time on either anti-histamines or phenobarbital. Even the antibiotic caused him to feel sick and he was put on a very high dose for a little dog. However, I'm writing tonight to let everyone know and to especially thank those who thought of us and prayed for Happy - that Happy has turned a corner! He had the best day so far today. He ate, he walked and he enjoyed life again! He will still be on medication for several days, but it looks like he is going to make it! We were not ready to say good-bye to Happy and apparently he was not ready to say good-bye either. He fought valiantly and suffered greatly, but he is one tough little guy and it looks like he is going to pull through.

Thanks again and thank you, God!