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This is not review as such, but I want to alert folks to Dr. Jonny Bowden. I'm fairly certain most people who are low-carbers know about him. He has written several fantastic books on health and diet and even the low-carb diet. His impressive credentials are outlined here. He often has the most incredible articles and is very knowledgeable about fitness and health. He looks amazingly fit himself.

The exercise video is so interesting (It's real short and easy to follow). As long as one does not compensate for exercising by eating more, I think exercise can certainly help burn excess calories and help with weight loss. The late Dr. Atkins said that exercise for weight loss was non-negotiable; i.e. he felt it was essential. Some people cannot lose weight unless they add in exercise.

It was interesting as in the exercise video he mentions that he tries to create a success mind set in people wanting to lose weight. In other words, he won't let a former couch potato set himself up for failure by setting out to do an hour of exercise. He starts them out with one minute on the treadmill. Anyone can accomplish that - and he builds on that success mentality with each modest new achievement.

For instance, I think it is similar to someone who keeps starting a low-carb diet or any diet for that matter, loses 5 lbs, then something happens and they lose focus and put back the weight in a couple more weeks. If that happens once too often that person has developed a diet failure mentality and starts to lose faith in himself/herself. Then each time they try to "diet", they expect to fail and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Another recent article is the new study that he highlighted where even modest carb reduction will create lower insulin levels (fat storing hormones) and more stable blood sugar. That is hopeful for people who cannot do very low-carb for whatever reason. So, cutting back on carbs (especially empty ones like white flour and sugar) and cutting back on calories and exercising regularly are all good things to do for one's overall health. Some people may have to do very low-carb for health reasons, but it is comforting for others, I'm sure, to hear that even modest carb reduction can bring about wonderful health benefits to many people.

In conclusion, if you have not yet subscribed to Dr. Jonny Bowden's blog, I would highly recommend subscribing, as one can learn a lot from this health guru.