Bon Appetit - Julia Child Inspired Me And Many Others - Movie Debut

Who can ever forget dear Julia Child? I know I won't forget her. I blogged about her a while back and her influence in my own life - Remembering Julia Child. Now a movie called Julie and Julia is coming out on August 7th. I can't wait to see it!! Here is a Link where you can check out a trailer for the upcoming movie and also listen to interviews with the two main characters. Meryl Streep, a favorite actress of mine, plays Julia. Meryl is an incredibly talented, pretty actress (incidentally also not concerned about appearing as a raving beauty in films, but instead she chose some very interesting character roles) and at the same time has been a wonderful mother and faithful wife to her first husband. I do admire that she has managed to accomplish all of that in decadent Hollywood, including overwhelming fame and fortune, and remained the nice person she is.