Kent (Bowulf) has made a new video!

Kent (Bowulf) is the nice man I met years ago on the Atkins Diet Bulletin Board. He had to have been one of the most inspirational people on there, having lost a great deal of weight on the Atkins diet himself. He was always kind and courteous and his answers were always intelligent and well thought out. I have a link to his you tube videos under blurbs about my cookbooks.

I was surprised, honored and happy to find Kent had done a video of one of my recipes: Instant Chocolate Coconut Mousse The recipe can be found on my blog as well. Good job, Kent! What a lucky wife you have to spoil her with her favorite desserts!!

A funny aside: Kent admits that he is not too wild about chocolate. My eldest son, Daniel, feels the same way. They must be from Mars, right? (smile)