There is such a thing as being too Thin - Overweight People live longer

Get Fat, Live Longer?

This was a very interesting read. I already sent the article to a few friends who thought so as well. Thought I'd share it here.

So, what do you think? Here is an interesting and shocking excerpt:

"For reasons that are not well understood, people who lose substantial amounts of weight, or go up and down on yo-yo diets, suffer long-term adverse health effects. Oprah is an absolutely terrible role model, along with all the folks featured on America's Biggest Loser. As one expert told Newsweek, “People show an improvement in short-term risk factors [blood pressure and blood sugar levels], but they die. I don't think that's a good outcome.”

So who are the healthiest people of them all? Dear reader, they may well be people just like you - aging boomers who have reluctantly succumbed to middle-aged spread. Reubin Andres of the U.S. National Institute on Aging reviewed all the major population studies and found that people who gain a pound or so a year in middle age live the longest.

That extra weight is protective, especially for women. So relax. God doesn't want you to fit into your old jeans." This last sentence was a bit comforting to me, I admit. Even although a few of my old jeans from my twenties and thirties still hang around in my closet, it's been a while.....(wink).