Agave Nectar - Is it the Answer for Health-conscious Consumers?

We've used Splenda Granular in great quantities at times for almost 20 years. My sons grew up on Splenda. I feel fairly certain no one else will consume as much as we have - so, I feel confident in recommending Splenda over sugar or Agave syrup, for instance, which so many health-conscious consumers are gravitating towards. Agave syrup is nothing less than mostly fructose in disguise, hence the low glycemic value. We all know that HFCS is a problem and has been implicated in the rise of obesity.

Here is a recent quote by Dana Carpender "All of this is why high fructose corn syrup is the current Nutritional Enemy Number One, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving substance. And I have to tell you, consuming lots of fructose in the form of "natural" agave nectar (no more natural that HFCS, which is also made by converting other carbohydrates into fructose using enzymes) is no better for you. Worse, actually, since the percentage of fructose in agave nectar is actually higher than that in HFCS.

In short, agave nectar is not your blissfully natural and healthful substitute for those evil artificial sweeteners. While I am not sure Splenda is 100% safe, I'm darned sure it's safer than nearly pure fructose."