Dynamic Weight Loss Phase

Induction sometimes brings out the rebel in one (I know this too well, unfortunately). One starts out great and then falters a week later. That can happen, especially when stresses in one's life are distracting. Losing weight is a mind set that has to be with one 24/7 during that process. What one is seeking is the dynamic weight loss phase. When the body enters this phase, weight comes off fairly easily and fairly quickly. Whatever you do, if you enter this phase, don't stop the ball rolling. It might be months or a year later before you get back into that phase again, and I'm not kidding. One gets there, the weight is coming off, and one is distracted, adds in no-no carbs, weight stalls - end of weight loss! No wonder the late Dr. Atkins said that eating anything off the diet was "the kiss of death" for weight loss.

Remember veggies and protein, veggies and protein every meal with some healthy fats - leave the carbs to add in later, when you don't mind weight loss slowing down. However, if you add in the carbs - like bread, potatoes, cookies, higher carb fruit, even low-carb baking too soon - game over, possibly, for quite a while, until one gets serious again.

Remember to keep reading the book. Keep the momentum going and keep focusing on the task at hand. Join a forum, plan meals, keep a journal, count carbs, etc. - whatever it takes, keep focused. If there is a slip-up, forgive yourself, and jump on the wagon the very next snack or meal. Don't wait until the next day or the next.

The goal is to get into a "dynamic weight loss" mode where the weight comes off seemingly effortlessly and at regular intervals. All the best to anyone reading this!


P.S. I know the previous post is a contradiction to this post, however, take or leave that one - this post is much more important. There are a few things that I listed there that would help make very low carb eating more palatable, especially if one continues after the initial two weeks with 20 to 30 grams of carbs a day.