Happy went on his final Happy adventure

Today was one of the most difficult days I've had to live through in a long time. We had to make the decision - the one no one wants to make - because Happy's kidneys were failing and he was being slowly poisoned. We probably waited too long, but we could not let go... We did today - we did what was right and humane for Happy. People get help for pain, but dogs generally don't. We tried everything to prolong Happy's life. I think he got 4 more months than he would have, and saw his 14th birthday, plus 2 more months. He was so brave.

Happy passed peacefully next to the river in a gazebo, held by my husband and I, while we gently stroked him and talked to him. Kind vets and a compassionate assistant were in attendance as well.

My heart is very sore and heavy tonight. I miss Happy already. My poor husband is devastated and never ever wants another dog (that's what he says). Our young, adult sons are okay, thankfully (this was the doggie they grew up with). They are more resilient than one realizes.

The reviews to this book helped me quite a bit.

P.S. Happy was buried today (26th Oct. 2009) in our beautiful garden under a gorgeous, shady tree. I planted some beautiful, colorful Impatience around the grassy spot which marks his grave. In time, we will make it a pretty garden with lots more beautiful flowers. I want to find a little statue of a dog that resembles our Happy to place in that spot. There have been such lovely, caring notes sent to me via email. I'm going to ask permission of all those people and see if I can share some of them here under the comments as a further tribute to Happy, but also to perhaps help alleviate the pain that others may be going through at this very moment with their own pets.