What to Expect on Induction

What is the first thing you'll notice as soon as the first 3 to 4 days of Induction are over? You're NOT hungry!! This is the beauty of getting back into induction. Finally, one is back in control and carbs no longer call one's name so strongly. It is easier to resist, especially when one is simply not hungry. The reason for the lack of hunger is one's glycogen stores are depleted and you've entered ketosis.

This means that you're starting to burn body fat and with the relative lack of hunger, one starts to eat much less - and soon the result is seen on the scale and felt in your clothes becoming looser. Oh, joy!!

The second thing that is noticeable is an increase in energy. One feels lighter and more energetic, even if one is still relatively far from goal.

If the Induction Flu' is really bad, then the late Dr. Atkins suggested going a little slower and adding in some carbs. Really bad Induction Flu' often means one is losing weight too fast.