Tragic News about the founder of Netrition

Netrition, as many low-carbers are aware of, is one of the best online low-carb stores. I buy all my low-carb specialty products from Netrition and have done so for years.

The co-founder and president of the company, Mr. Tom Roddy, aged 43, died recently. It's such a shock to me, as I had no idea that he was so gravely ill. Apparently, few people knew about his recent battle with brain cancer. His brother, Bernie Roddy, is vice president of the company and will continue the business.

In addition to Netrition, the most popular online low-carb forum, was founded by the same man. I joined in 1999.


May God bless his family and extended family and friends, and comfort them at this time. Thank you, Tom, for all the wonderful work that you did through the years for the low-carb community. You will be missed.