Whey Low - How about this Sweetener for Low-Carbers?

Fructose, lactose and sucrose - fruit sugar, milk sugar, and regular sugar. I suspect this would raise blood sugar, even if they say it is low on the glycemic index - this stuff is still just all sugar. l Gram net carbs per teaspoon - how did they work that out? I'm suspicious of this product to say the very least. Do the research. If you do have diabetes, check your blood sugar after consuming whey low.

Granulated fructose is bad news when it comes to weight gain (HFCS is being blamed in the rise in obesity) and it has been shown to increase triglycerides.

Sucrose is sugar and we're trying to stay away from that.

Lactose is a milk sugar - probably not any good for someone who is lactose intolerant.

So - Fructose, lactose and sucrose = sugar + sugar + sugar = Low Carbohydrate??!!