Carbs in My Recipes

One or two people have said to me that in some cases the serving sizes would be a bit smaller than they would eat. So then my solution is - have two servings. (smile) The other thought and this is for the die hard carb counters (nothing wrong with that!) is to reconfigure the number of servings that you would prefer in a particular food item. For instance, my Deluxe White Chocolate, page 90 of More Splendid Low-Carbing. The serving size is 64 pieces in an 8-inch square glass dish.

Nutritional analysis: 64 pieces, 1 piece
43.9 calories; 1.2 g protein; 3.9 g fat; 1.1 g carbs

This is where I'd say - okay, have two pieces, however, if you'd prefer then do the math:

Say, you'd like 36 larger squares, then you would need to find the total number of carbs in the dish. So, 64 pieces x 1.1 = 70.4 carbs in total

Now divide the total carbs by 36 and you have the number of carbs for the larger serving size: 70.4 carbs divided by 36 = 1.9 g

You can do this with any of my recipes - just pencil in your serving size and carb count in your fave recipes. A calculator (either online) or a physical calculator (I prefer this, but then I prefer reading a real cookbook to reading recipes online - old fashioned, fuddy duddy giving away her age here!)

Remember although my recipes reflect net carbs, most of my recipes have less than 0.5 g fiber to subtract, and many, if not most, contain no fiber to subtract. Truth is fiber should never have been included in the carb count for nutritional analysis. Fiber is not a carbohydrate.

Happy Low-Carbing!! Enjoy the season. It's the season to be with your loved ones.