What Causes Cancer?

Apparently, that is still not very clear. Many or most of us have had a loved one or acquaintance who has had a battle with cancer - few diseases are more frightening. The statistics are 1 in 3. Here is a very in-depth, excellent article that is worth reading. Low-carbing is highly recommended to prevent cancer. Cancer: Disease of Civilization. Many primitive people have never experienced cancer in their population. Why? One could hazard a guess that they eat differently and more as nature intended, and that perhaps our processed foods are killing us prematurely.

This was one of the conclusions:

There are 4 aspects of modern 'lifestyle' that increase the risk of a cancer. The first is a carb-based diet, the second is polyunsaturated vegetable oils and margarines, the third is a low blood cholesterol level and the last is lack of sunshine. In other words, all the 'healthy' things we are advised to do increase cancer risk.